Veronika Rolle-Green

Veronika, of German origin, lived for years in China and France, her life spans 5 decades. There are two main threads in her life journey: one is her inspiration from Asian thinking, the other is her desire to facilitate dialog. Both started in her teenage years.

What had begun as a childhood interest in oriental culture, history and philosophy, led to a first essay on the I Ching at the age of 19 and finally a Masters degree in Chinese Studies and Western History (1994, LMU Munich, Germany). These studies and years of life and work in China and extensive travels in Asia have become foundational to her professional activity. While working in Taiwan as an assistant to the Director of a logistics company in 1988, she handled all communication with the West and untangled misunderstandings in commercial relations, when she began to see the impact of global business on people. She later worked as interpreter for the German press department welcoming Chinese journalists. She still enjoys working regularly in Asia, where she delivers consultancy interventions and keeps herself up to date with the rapid economic and social changes.

Looking for ways to truly support the people she worked with, the work of Martin Buber and the notion of dialog as prerequisite for true encounter became central to her approach. Early in her consulting career she completed several long-term training programs in social psychology, namely group dynamics and human interaction (DAGG / Germany and NTL / USA) (1996-2000). Later followed by a two-year training program as a Dialogue Process Facilitator (M.I.T. Boston & Adolf-Reichwein-Gesellschaft) (2001-2002). She also certified in MBTI (Kroeger Ass., Fairfax Viginia USA, 2002) and Roger’s client-centered approach (Strathclyde Univ., Glasgow U.K., 2003).

Initially Veronika focused on interpersonal and intercultural communication, supporting people in international organizations for years. Soon she intervened in other areas, and thus began work in team, leadership and personal development. It was at this time that she was able to integrate Systems Thinking approach into her intervention style, while completing several programs in Systemic Consulting and Coaching 2003-2006 in parallel (isb Wiesloch / Germany), DBVC accredited.

Living in Southern France for 9 years not only allowed her to grow roots in a new country and broaden her professional context, they were happy times during which she gave birth to her two children born 2005 and 2008. There were however less happy growth times as well, during which she accompanied three of her closest family members through life threatening illnesses. These experiences thrust her into new perspectives of herself and life.

Her curiosity in life and human potential led her to follow the zen path for many years. This long experience in meditation was complimented with experiencing the work of deep ecology (Joanna Macy, California USA) and integral movement work (Dylan Newcomb, Maine USA). Veronika integrated these experiences with her long exposure to Asian thinking and her basic dialogic approach. Since 2013 she holds a Psychotherapy License (according to German Heilpraktikergesetz) and now deepens her competence in facilitating personal growth with the Gestalt approach (AKG, Munich Germany). Veronika is devoted to be of service to people, society and life. She opens a powerful space with groups and individuals for growth and empowerment.

Veronika and Simon met in 1999. Before having children, they enjoyed working together and inspiring each other’s style. Since 2012 they live with their children in Munich. She has gathered extensive experience in companies and organizations in America, Asia and Europe. She works in German and English, her French and Chinese is fluent.