References and Approach


Together we we bring 20+40 years of experience working with people in international organizations on all levels and in a variety of industries and settings:

Aerospace, aeronautics, automation, automotive, construction, energy, healthcare, information technology, consumer goods, telecommunication, printing, construction, and various universities.

We work with individuals as well as with small executive groups or large operational populations of several hundred people.


A relationship of trust and respect is the basis for defining clear goals. We support you in challenging your reality, and in finding the keys to develop yourself, your people and/or your organisational future.

We bring broad expertise in designing the best possible intervention. Facilitation in its true sense is what we know best.

Our approach integrates a wide range of concepts and tools. This allows us to adapt to you, your goals, your situation, your organisation’s culture.

A few intervention examples...

  • Design, development and delivery of team learning and development interventions, touching broad management populations often in new structures; participants came from various professional, organisational and cultural backgrounds; German-Chinese, French-British-Spanish-German, European-American, and European-Asian. Our approach in these interventions links collective diagnosis, dialogue, operational problem solving, interface optimization and action learning, to provide a platform for group/team and individual development, while mobilizing collective intelligence.
  • Team coaching (in the field and in the office) to facilitate greater strategic and operational coherence to bridge costly gaps or overcome the misunderstandings inherent to complex structures.
  • Training, skill and competence development: leadership, communication, coaching, intercultural, team collaboration, stress management; case based learning approach linking dialogue, learning journals and action learning.
  • Process facilitation, applied to management and executive level, strategic workshops in a wide variety of high and low context culture environments.
  • Community building as a response to the accelerating change in society and organisations. We remain humbled by the success of these interventions and continue to invest in the resource library, which contributes to the breadth and depth of the approach and the learning and development activities employed during the workshops.
  • Delivery of Interface Optimization and Best Practice Sharing events and workshops, designed to effectively implement and/or anchor the progress made in community building initiatives.
  • Selected coaching topics: personal development and self mastery, resilience and burn out, career, interpersonal competencies, adapting to and leading change, leadership competencies and potential.
  • Support of leaderless and self-directed teams in international, multi-generational environments has lead to the creation of several team/group “effectiveness rituals” designed to foster the personal maturity, trust and engagement required for these new team/group systems to work.
  • Consultancy and facilitation for transformational leadership and value based cultural change projects.