Phenastus (Simon) Green

Phenastus (Simon) Green, a 65 year old African American, has degrees in Educational Psychology and Sociology from institutions in New York/Vermont/Wash. D.C. respectively. He also holds an Art degree from the Corcoran School of Art, Washington D.C.. He has followed non-credit courses in Applied Psychology, Comparative Religions, Philosophy, and Organizational Behavior at U. Mass., MIT, Boston-College and Harvard. The A.M.A. and Training House, in the US, trained him as a Trainer; Coach and Consultant.

After his military service in the US and Southeast Asia from 1967 to 1969, the above mentioned educational itinerary began but was interrupted by a 2 ½ year silent monastic retreat in a small Trappist Community, on the French Atlantic coast. This experience was followed by an 18month retreat in the Dordogne Valley with a group of Tibetan Buddhist refugee monks. Although his “ formal ” education reconvened at this point, it was interspersed with periods of creative expression through sculpture, cabinet-making and theater arts.

His work as an adult educator and HRD Consultant began in 1975 and spans the next 40 years. During that time, he has touched the professional lives thousands of people. Working mostly with groups, Simon’s intervention populations range from small executive boards, to entire functional communities, and can vary in size from 3 to 200. Although his workshops and events privilege exchange between participants, professional disciplines, and hierarchical levels, they are always based on sound & proven theories, which he adapts to meet the operational needs of these wide ranging and diverse populations.

His work in the field of Human Resources Development began in 1975 with the post of Training Director for a Miami based associative institution, dedicated to the social and occupational reinsertion of Vietnam Veterans. Arriving in France in 1978 he began working for the French DASS in 1985, as Counselor for French children in “difficulty”. Simon is fond of saying that this experience taught him the importance of empathy, a lesson he has not forgotten.

In 1990, working as an independent trainer for the GREATA in France was his next HR experience. He became a supplier of Management Training and Coaching in the English language to the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After a few years he was offered a post at the CCI, and in 1992, he set-up a small unit of international HRD Consultants, offering Coaching, as well as Training & Development Interventions and began working throughout Europe. It was at this time that EUREAS, (now ABA), an educational association in Blagnac, piloted by AIRBUS, became one of his key accounts and after four years as a prime supplier for EURESAS, he excepted a post as Principal Consultant at EURESAS. Here he worked in the areas of Interpersonal Communication/Effectiveness, Operational Team Building and Operational Leadership Development, equipping teams and individuals to be effective in their complex international environments. Then accepted a post in Airbus corporate HR as Management & Leadership Development Director. Due to a serious illness Simon decided to leave the corporate world and since 2001 offers his service as independent consultant.

His broad life experience, his desires to evolve and to be of service, while maintaining his authenticity, are reflected in his interventions through dialogue, listening, patience, presence, enthusiasm, intuitive conceptual insights and rigor. A web of themes that has emerged over the years and has a primary focus in the area of Optimizing Interpersonal Effectiveness In Highly Complex and Simple Organizational Systems and encompasses the whole of Leadership Development, Change Management, Team Development and Management Development, spectrum.

Simon lived in France from 1978 to 2012, when he moved to Munich with his wife Veronika and children Lilian and Nathan. Simon’s French is fluent. He has delivered a wide variety of interventions in the most diverse and somewhat surprising settings. This includes 30 years of service to Multinational Corporations located in Africa, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain the US, Mexico, Denmark and Sweden.