Hosting space for you to develop and intervene.


  • Old­est nat­u­ral hu­man gath­er­ing con­figura­tion
  • We try to use hu­man con­figura­tions that re­so­nate on the deep­est lev­el

Here and now

  • We work in the here and now, be­ing ful­ly pre­sent and re­main­ing aware of its in­ter­con­nec­ted­ness with the past and the fu­ture.

Life journeys

  • We don’t have the an­swers to your life’s ques­tions nor to the press­ing ques­tions in to­day’s world. We come from a deep re­spect for life and trust in the mean­ing of life to un­ra­vel in each jour­ney.


  • Liv­ing sys­tems are ev­er chang­ing; evo­lu­tion and in­vo­lu­tion are de­vel­op­ment and com­pli­men­tary to each oth­er.

Inter – cultures

  • Our in­terven­tions com­bine a broad con­cep­tu­al base with our long and var­ied ex­perience in the in­ter­cul­tur­al field to ad­dress your per­son­al and op­er­a­tion­al needs speci­fi­cal­ly.


  • Openness
  • Empathy
  • Vulnerability
  • Influence
  • With­out con­nect­ion... Leader­ship at­tempts are min­i­mal­ly ef­fec­tive.

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  • Clarity of personal intention is the prerequisite to effective leadership intervention.
  • Leadership is intervention... If you don’t intervene... You cannot Lead.
  • Intervention is action or non-action.
Inspired by Martin Buber’s understanding that a person is at any moment engaged with the world in either “I – Thou” or “I – IT” mode. I - Thou is a relationship that stresses the mutual, holistic existence of two beings. It is a concrete encounter, because these beings meet one another in their authentic existence. We support you to engage in relationships and create trust and enthusiasm in your environment.
We focus on results that are personally and professionally satisfying and empowering, and that also serve the organisation.
  • Intervention success depends greatly on the inner state of the intervener.
    - Bill O'Brian
    - Peter Senge
    - Otto Scharmer
  • Where do you lead from?
All living systems rely on open feedback channels to develop in a healthy way.
  • This positive emotionality is a composition of particular factors attributed to an individual. Together they protect and support when adapting to change, stress, pressure, crisis etc.
  • When missing, often leads to rigidity, frustration, burnout...
  • I and Thou
  • Martin Buber, David Bohm
  • Central basis of our work
We offer you a sound and safe therapeutic space if you want to go deeper to resolve bigger blocks and drains in your life. Our approach is transparent at any moment; client-centered dialog and Gestalt work are at the center of our interventions.
Interface expectations in business are the most critical element in anyone’s operational environment. If mutual expectations are not effectively met, time is lost, profit suffers, and employees and managers are frustrated. We have developed methodology and processes that specifically focus on human interface optimization.
Every situation that requires facilitation is different. What makes it successful is continuous adaptation. Carefully prepared, well designed, modestly implemented and ongoing support is what we know best.
We don’t tell you where to go, we accompany you to explore and find the next steps on your way that make the difference. We make ourselves fully available to support you in the here and now, you remain the agent of yourself; responsible and empowered.
Dancing in the moment is only possible with your operational requirements fully in mind.
Respect, trust and dialogue are foundational to our methodology, the end result and inherent elements of our consulting process.
Each person has various roles. Sometimes these can be conflicting. Sometimes we are holding on to one role inappropriately. We help you make the appropriate shift effectively.
We stress real time learning which profits the individual, the group and the system.